Wild Mushroom

Wild Mushroom


Packed full of flavor, this stunning Wild mushroom sauce has all the earthy wood taste you would expect.
Stunning poured over any meat, chicken or game. This versatile product is also delicious simply poured over pasta and to enhance the dish add a few wild mushrooms.


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Great with steak, Chicken, pork or simply in a bowl of pasta. Add to a risotto for a really deep flavor.

  1. Aimee (verified owner)

    Had it with steak and in a pasta it makes the meal 100% better

  2. Kim Hills (verified owner)

    Only used this one so far. Didn’t have cream, so made a white sauce with cornflour and milk. Perhaps not so decadent as using cream, but tasted very good nonetheless

  3. Renouf

    Flavoursome , so delicious and went well with our steaks

  4. Barbara Dennis (verified owner)

    Was quite wary of this one at first, but it was fabulous so ordered more.

  5. Andrew Dolan (verified owner)

    Superb enhancement totally converted

  6. Delia Crofts-Turnbull

    All these sauces are so tasty and versatile and I am a complete convert.

  7. GJ (verified owner)

    I live alone & I treat myself to these sauces, I use half a jar & add Elmlee an alternative to cream, so tasty

  8. Christine Martin (verified owner)

    Mushroom sauce is my favourite.

  9. Zoe (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this flavour . I’ve had it with chicken , steak and just pasta, it’s beautiful ????

  10. Clare Walker (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous. I have only used it as a sauce over pasta so far but I can recommend it

  11. Pat (verified owner)

    Brilliant sauces always use them

  12. Pat (verified owner)

    All sauces are brilliant always use them

  13. Ali (verified owner)

    Very good

  14. Robin

    I have used this flavour many times & try to keep an unopened jar “just in case”. Brilliant as a sauce with a jucy steak or chicken. I’ve used some to make a quick mushroom omelette & added it to leftover vegetable soup. I want to try it in a basic risotto next.

    I’ve used a wide range of flavours over the years – top notch ingredients & the right amount of seasoning.

  15. Lyn Moore (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this on pasta with added sautéed mushrooms.

  16. D Dixon (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! ????

  17. Kirsty Jones (verified owner)

    Amazing! We are obsessed with this sauce.

  18. Darryl Seager

    Nothing else required.

  19. Anonymous

    Chicken Sunday Lunch – with the Wild Mushroom sauce, just fantastic.

  20. Sharon Morgan (verified owner)

    All time favourite flavour. But others too. But this is special.

  21. Nina Baker (verified owner)

    A lovely smooth and creamy sauce. Serve with roasted garlic butter mushrooms, served over chicken and wild rice . Absolutely yummcious ????

  22. Sandra Giles

    Lovely all sauces in this range but this one is amazing first brought them at a food fair a few years ago and one repurchasing never disappointed ????????????

  23. Jill Nuttall (verified owner)

    All the sauces are amazing and we’ve had pretty much all of them, but the wild mushroom is a firm favourite ad is Red wine and Madeira. . We use the whole jar though for the two of us as just not quite enough sauce when halved. Not yet tried the chocolate dessert sauce but sure it will be another hit.

  24. Richard Brennan (verified owner)

    We had this sauce with pork loin steaks and it was delicious. It’s packed full of flavour and really complimented the flavour of the meat. We mixed it with creme fraiche as a healthy option. Definitely one we’ll be buying regularly and trying with other meats.

  25. Share (verified owner)

    We have enjoyed all the sauces we have bought from you but this is definitely our favourite ????????
    Great with a good piece of steak and of course, mushrooms – utter indulgence – A+++

  26. Lynne Elliott

    As delicious as always

  27. Linda Nelson (verified owner)

    Delicious. Used it with cream, onions, mushrooms and smoked lardons, served with pasta.

  28. April Corbett (verified owner)

    This sauce is amazing and so versatile. We use it as a steak sauce or to make creamy chicken and mushroom pasta as well as the favourite cheesy garlic mushrooms on toasted ciabatta. Definitely recommend not just this one but all of them are so nice. ????????

  29. Maria (verified owner)

    This sauce makes a fantastic addition to many meals and is a favourite in our household. We use them with a variety of meals including garlic mushrooms, chicken pie, beef stew. Highly recommend!

  30. Sandie (verified owner)

    This one is absolutely fab, strong tasting sauce
    Love mushrooms

  31. Laura Bradbury

    Absolutely delicious rich and creamy sauce. We regularly have this with beef and mushrooms over rice – lovely dish and the sauce is enough for 3 portions. This is one of our favourites and we will be ordering more!

  32. Julie

    My favourite sauce, love this with steak, sometimes add some blue cheese, however this is closely followed by the tomato & chilli which is just my go to with pasta

  33. Claire Whaymand (verified owner)

    Once you’ve tried this, you’ll never look back. Intensely flavoured and so versatile, it’s fantastic in pasta and risottos, or with pork and chicken dishes. The amount of flavour that comes from one small jar is incredible, it’s an absolute winner.

  34. Frank Carter (verified owner)

    We have a long and continuing association with SA sauces since being introduced at a fair in Bishop Auckland. Our favourite is Wild Mushroom because of it’s unique flavour unmatched anywhere and it is so very versatile.
    Frank Carter 2nd March 2021

  35. Samantha Rees

    I have this sauce with steak, I add some mushrooms and cream and it’s perfect. I have found every sauce I have used from you is just beautiful.

  36. Abi (verified owner)

    Our whole family loves this sauce with pasta! Such a quick and easy meal but perfect every single time

  37. Nicola Gilbert (verified owner)

    Had this with venison steak. It was fab!
    I cooked some chopped mushrooms in a bit of butter, then added the cream and sauce. The flavor was delicious, can’t wait to try other sauces.

  38. Rose Overton

    Great with pasta the best

  39. Nicki Moulsdale (verified owner)

    Just add sliced mushrooms and creme fraiche So quick and really tasty. I’ve bought several times as my whole family enjoys this dish

  40. Bob (verified owner)

    Delicious full of flavour sauce to add to pasta. Only recently realised they did other sauces which I must try with next order

  41. Margaret (verified owner)

    Our favourite of all the sauces. A really lovely rich flavour.

  42. Donna (verified owner)

    I love all the sauces but this is by far my fav , the flavours are amazing and there are so many to choose from I usually buy them every year at foodies so happy to get them online . Keep up the good work hopefully see you next year .

  43. Sarah davies (verified owner)

    My cooking is awfull so I love these sauces they make my meals taste so nice and the wild mushroom is the best I have it with steak and chicken and also add it to a pasta dish its so delicious!!! And so easy to do x I’d defo recoment the wild mushroom!!!

  44. Ann Jones (verified owner)

    Love this sauce with a beef Wellington tastes as good as a home made sauce

  45. Katie McNally (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful – earthy deep mushroom flavour and my favourite of all SA sauces.

  46. Jacky (verified owner)

    I used this on steak. The flavour was so tasty, and really brought out the flavours. It was a hit with my family

  47. Christine O’Rourke

    Used this in a mushroom risotto – marvellous – added such a depth of flavour never known before. All the family remarked on how tasty it was. Ordered several different sauces on the basis of this but haven’t tried them yet.

  48. Mitch gaynor (verified owner)

    Fab on steaks …beef pork chicken…and also as a pasta sauce

  49. Janet Hales (verified owner)

    Had it mixed with cream and mushroom it was yummy will be ordering again

  50. Naomi Cunningham (verified owner)

    We are big fans of SA sauces in our house and the wild mushroom is our favourite. So nice as a steak sauce and makes it feel like a real treat, they’re so easy and quick to make but taste like restaurant quality.

  51. Judy (verified owner)

    Had the wild mushroom with bacon wrapped chicken and roasted potatoes. Delicious!

  52. Sue Hampson (verified owner)

    Very versatile sauce we have it with chicken and pasta. Its absolutely lovely.

  53. Ryan Walker (verified owner)

    Great in a risotto, made a mushroom and shallot pearl barley risotto with this mushroom sauce and was delicious. highly recommend.

  54. Sue (verified owner)

    Probably my favourite sauce.

  55. Sharon (verified owner)

    My fav, over mushrooms on toast, simple, quick and delicious!

  56. Jen (verified owner)

    Got told by a friend about these sauces only tried this one upto now but it was really nice full of flavour will definitely get some more

  57. Lianne (verified owner)

    Incredible sauce. Bought 5 pots online as we can’t get to any food festivals. Great service.
    Really intense mushroom flavour & a silky smooth sauce. Very versatile, goes well with pork or chicken. Great pasta sauce, tastes amazing on broccoli!

  58. Jill Denholm (verified owner)

    Has to be a favourite, the mushroom flavour is fantastic, Either with chicken or through pasta creates a fabulous meal. Definitely worth ordering. What a find !

  59. Dawn Bowes (verified owner)

    First sauce I ever bought from Hutchinson Hobbs farm shop and still our favourite. Bulk bought direct this time so haven’t tried all of the others yet. This has a lovely deep mushroom flavour it’s intense but not overpowering.

  60. Mhairi Fordyce (verified owner)

    I am a sauce girl and I LOVE these sauces! Can not find better or recreate them…. they are perfect ! The Wild Mushroom is one of my favourites.

  61. Judith Harrison (verified owner)

    Fabulous on pasta with chicken!

  62. Pat Swift (verified owner)

    Love this sauce. Intense mushroom flavour. Always try to keep a jar in the cupboard. Don’t be deceived. Thus is a small jar but ut makes a lit if sauce with bug flavour.

  63. Mark Regan (verified owner)

    As hard as it is to pick this is my favourite from the range, really full of flavour and smells amazing. Had it with beef, chicken, lamb and if you making a chicken & mushroom pie makes a great gravy to add in. First time I’d ordered online as well, fast service there too.

  64. Phil Thomas (verified owner)

    just about shades it as my top flavour in the range – but they are all impressive. Goes with all meat and pasta dishes. SA sauces are an absolute staple in my kitchen

  65. Phil Thomas (verified owner)

    just about shades it as my top flavour in the range – but they are all impressive. Goes with all meat and pasta dishes. SA sauces are an absolute staple in my kitchen

  66. Anne

    Made this wild mushroom sauce with half fat creme fraiche and served with steak mushrooms tomatoes and chips , delicious the sauce made the meal very special

  67. Lucy (verified owner)

    The best sauce in the range. Rich, creamy. versatile, feels like a real luxury on my plate. Highly recommended!

  68. Sharon Edwards (verified owner)

    This sauce is divine! With mushrooms and steak- wow!!!

  69. Mark (verified owner)

    Lovely flavour. We add some fried off fresh mushrooms to the pan first, then the sauce pot and then the cream. Superb over pasta, chicken or steak.

  70. Tracey (verified owner)

    This sauce was amazing! We used it in a mushroom risotto and it was absolutely delicious! Highly recommended.

  71. Dawn Fell (verified owner)

    This is one of the nicest sauces I have ever had. It’s so delicious mixed with cream and poured over chicken.

  72. Lewis (verified owner)

    Restaurant quality. Absolutely delicious. Easy to use, just add single cream to create the best mushroom sauce for chicken, steak or pasta. Divine!

  73. Campbell (verified owner)

    Deiicious over chicken or steak.

  74. Sarah (verified owner)

    I don’t even like mushrooms but I bloody love this. Wow. Amazing

  75. John warren (verified owner)

    Very tasty and very easy to use for such a small jar a lot of flavour

  76. Tracey

    This is my first purchase and used this sauce to make mushroom risotto. Very easy to use and was absolutely delicious! Will definitely buy again.

  77. Gill (verified owner)

    This is our favourite, I have to stop myself from getting a spoon and eating it all before it gets to the table????

  78. LEWIS

    Absolutely delicious. Restaurant style…. served with pan fried chicken breast in mushroom sauce and sauté potatoes.. So easy to create… just add cream! Love all the sauces.

  79. pauline Miles (verified owner)

    Delicious.made a mushroom stroganoff with coconut milk.yum

  80. J Paxton (verified owner)

    Very tasty, easy to prepare AND GF!

  81. Geraldine Marchant (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious, tried it first at Waddesden Manor and afternoon we finished what we bought ordered more online. Love them all and so easy

  82. Nicola (verified owner)

    The mushroom sauce makes the most delicious risotto
    Buy these on a regular basis

  83. Kath (verified owner)

    I love this sauce, it’s so versatile. Delicious on steak or pasta, I also use it as a base for mushroom soup.

  84. Tracey

    This was absolutely delicious! I didn’t have enough cream so I made up the quantity with natural yoghurt and it worked a treat. We had it with steak…wow! Will be buying more.

  85. MIRANDA (verified owner)

    I LOVE these sauces. This one is so delicious with pasta, chicken or quorn. It tastes like it’s made from real fresh food, not artificial at all. Try it!

  86. Jo (verified owner)

    Simply the best mushroom sauce ever. It is perfect with chicken, pasta, pork and even just over vegetables. I’m addicted!

  87. Maria (verified owner)

    Repeat buy after sampling and buying at the Yorkshire dales food festival in summer. So tasty and such great value!

  88. Anne Corfield (verified owner)

    I have tried all the sauces bought from either food fayre or ordered on line and I keep coming back for more. They are amazing sauces and make great gifts for foodies. Would thoroughly recommend.

  89. Sylvia Lerigo (verified owner)

    I had this at a friend’s and thought as Liz is such an excellent cook she’d created this sauce herself, but no. She gave me a leaflet, I ordered a variety but the mushroom was the first one I used, and it passed the test. My son, also an excellent cook was very impressed. My gift buying has suddenly become easier. A selection of these is the perfect gift for people who want perfection.

  90. Tina Wakley

    Discovered your sauces at southwest food festival..could not be without them now..everyone amazing &versatile great taste

  91. Bernadine Hall (verified owner)

    Beautiful with steak and chicken. It also serves as a great sauce on pasta. I have bought quiet a few different sauces from here and they are all of top quality. Highly recommend them.

  92. Steph (verified owner)

    Perfect with Turkey Steaks and a few greens ????

  93. Fiona Grady

    I’ve been buying this for the last 2 years since discovering it at a food festival and along with a couple of other favorites, it transforms chicken pieces into a delicious, quick and easy meal.

  94. Tracey (verified owner)

    I have used this sauce with steak, pork, chicken and pasta and it never fails to deliver on flavour. I have used many of the other sauces and they are also delicious.

  95. Sue Thomas (verified owner)

    This is by far the best mushroom sauce I have ever tasted. It’s restaurant quality at home . So easy to prepare.

  96. Colette (verified owner)

    Gently fried pork fillet and mushrooms then added cream mixed with the wild mushroom sauce. Was excellent served with baby new potatoes and fresh steamed veg

  97. carl snelson (verified owner)

    Excellent rich flavours of a mushrooms
    I use it for my pork & mushroom & black pudding with sautéed new potatoes & greens. Beautiful.

  98. Caralyn Burton

    OH MY!

  99. Helen (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning

  100. Jenny IRVINE (verified owner)

    Have been buying this sauce for a long time now, gives a real restaurant quality to meals. *****

  101. Pete (verified owner)

    Really good

  102. Debbie (verified owner)

    This sauce is amazing , the whole family love it with steak or pasta, have tried it with double cream and Creme frache , stunning with both but prefer cream , totally indulgent

  103. Vivienne (verified owner)

    This is probably my favourite…although everyone we have tried is gorgeous. But, recently bought them as gifts for my family and they’ve loved them all!

  104. Sue (verified owner)

    I love this sauce, it is so full of flavour and is so versatile. Great for a quick pasta dish, delicious with chicken, mushroom risotto and adds a touch of luxury to a steak.

  105. Mel (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase, we have had it with pork and chicken, delicious with both, turns a potentially dry and unexciting dish into a restaurant quality meal.

  106. Sue (verified owner)

    A favourite. Very versatile- good with chicken, steak, pork. Enjoy also with pasta for a tasty and quick meal. I use it with 1/2 fat creme fraiche.

  107. Jo Hobbs (verified owner)

    I used to go to a particular restaurant in Leicester and have the same thing ALL the time, because of how gorgeous the sauce was, but no longer – this is a brilliant, and better, version – all in the comfort of my own home. So thank you for this marvellous sauce and giving my menu freedom back! It’s so versatile and delicious with lots of stuff – we’ve done it with meat, pasta, veg dishes, pasta dishes. Wonderful!

  108. Paulina (verified owner)

    Love this with steak! I have most littlepots and make all my sauses with them.

  109. Claire (verified owner)

    Delicious and fab with pork also really good stirred into a risotto for a lovely deep flavour

  110. Chris (verified owner)

    Delicious. Great with pork. My family are delighted with all of these sauces.

  111. Helen (verified owner)

    This is a fabulous and very versatile stock. My only complaint is the size of the jar. I would like to buy this in a jar 3 x the size!

  112. Lexi (verified owner)

    Fantastic, best mushroom sauce ever , so versatile

  113. Susan Scott (verified owner)

    Stunning flavours and simply the best I waited 6 months to go to a fair but the sauce wasn’t there sooooo pleased we can order direct. Amazing flavour.

  114. Debbie Birkby (verified owner)

    lovely rich flavoursome sauce, fried a few mushrooms and then added some low fat crème freche and it was delicious with some fried pork fillet

  115. Julie Cowley (verified owner)

    Excellent quality.Great flavour.

  116. Ruth Atkin (verified owner)

    Simply delicious. It takes mushroom risotto to another level.

  117. Goodwin (verified owner)

    Had the mushroom sauce tonight with steak it was lovely ! Only needed half a pot for 2 of us, just stir it in and away you go!

  118. Louise (verified owner)

    This is the most delicious sauce I have ever eaten and so easy and quick to make. You can eat it with anything.

  119. Helen

    Fantastic sauce seems to be a winner with everyone who tries it & can be eaten with virtually anything or even on its own !

  120. Debra Drew (verified owner)

    love this sauce so easy to make. i fry some little button mushrooms and place on top of chicken before pouring the sauce on top

  121. Richard (verified owner)

    Excellent – really good mushroomy smell and flavour. Great on any meat or on pasta!

  122. Mrs T. (verified owner)

    changes a piece of chicken into a restaurant dish. I love it

  123. Michelle (verified owner)

    Great sauce through pasta, highly recommended

  124. Angela (verified owner)

    Fried up some chicken and mushrooms at sauce Add to pasta Yum

  125. Vince (verified owner)

    Out standing we love it on stake

  126. Linda Brown (verified owner)

    Love all the ones I have used so far, wild mushroom with mushrooms and cream on toast.
    Lovely and the peppercorn with pork. Will definitely be family favourite

  127. Martyn Suddaby (verified owner)

    The best sauce SA make. Excellent with pasta, any mushroom themed dish, , risotto, etc.

  128. Kath Rogers

    Succulent sauce!

  129. Jane

    The absolute favourite in our house! My 14yr old hates mushrooms, but loves this sauce – its absolutely delicious

  130. Anonymous

    Adds extra flavour to meat and pasta dishes. Quick and easy.

  131. Anonymous

    Always make up with creme fraiche for healthy daily treat
    Great with chicken

  132. Claire

    This is my favourite SA sauce – I use it for everything! I’ve put it in pasta dishes, had it with chicken, added a bit to risottos, it adds a lovely depth of flavour.

  133. Anonymous

    Love this sauce over chicken it’s got to be one of the best mushroom sauces around.

  134. Anonymous

    Brilliant with steak or pork. Not tried with chicken yet but beutiful deep flavour

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