Here at SA Sauces, we produce a range of Gluten free sauce concentrates that are simple and delicious to cook with. We have a wide range of unique savory and sweet flavors for all occasions.


All our sauce concentrates are extremely versatile, not only do they make delicious sauces once added to double cream or Creme fraiche, but can be used in stir fry’s, marinades and neat rubs, perfect for barbeques and dinner parties.

Established in 1994, Great Taste is organised by the Guild of Fine Food and is the world’s largest, longest-standing and most respected food accreditation scheme for artisan and speciality food producers.


Fourteen thousand one hundred thirteen products entered in 2021 from 108 countries worldwide. The 355 judges and journalists blind-tasted entries, including;


Joanna Blythman. Investigative journalist and food writer, cook, writer, stylist and voice of modern vegetarian cooking.
Anna Jones. Author, Qfu Hercules, Kenny Tutt, MasterChef 2018 champion and restaurateur, food writer and cook.
Xanthe Clay. Presenter, author and tutor.
Steven Lamb. Baker and author as well as food buyers from Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and Partridges


The Socially distanced judging took place over 86 days at four venues, including Guild HQ in Gillingham, Dorset and the Guild of Fine Food’s London home, No. 42 Southwark Street.


Here are some of the comments from the judges.

Wild Mushroom

What a glorious consomme aroma of deep rich porcini and, dare we say it, Marmite. The product is smooth and delivers deep rich cep mushrooms flavour notes, and we love the hit of pepper which also shows a well-balanced seasoning approach. We can see so many uses for this product; you should be very proud of your creation.

Peppercorn and Tennessee Whiskey Sauce

The concentrate has a hint of whiskey and plenty of pepper on the nose with lots of savoury notes. On tasting as a cream sauce, it is rich and flavoursome and has all the properties we would want. So why bother to make the sauce from scratch with this around? We also think that you could use a little bit of the concentrate smeared over a cooked steak rather than seasoning before cooking as the seasoning so often burns! It would also be great with yoghurt instead of cream for a lighter sauce. This sauce is a brilliant concept, executed perfectly.