Your Simply Add Recipes

Whip together 300ml double cream and 175ml condensed milk, till it holds it’s shape.

Add 1 jar of maple syrup, coffee and honeyed whisky

Freeze – no need to whisk during freezing.

Delicious, creamy ice cream  – everyone loves it!

We recently have taken delivery of t he “Wild Mushroom” pour-over sauce pots.  we found if you use the product per the Manufacturers guidelines, it is a most practical/flavourful addition to any Caterers kitchen store.

We used it with a Plain Lo-Fat Yoghurt, added to 2-3oz of lightly “sweated-off” Button Mushrooms and finished it with a small teaspoon of Brandy.  It proved to be a nice accompaniment with our Pork Schnitzels.  “Smashing”.

Having discovered SA when I was performing at the Edinburgh Foodies Festival recently, I was hooked. Last night we made garlic pepper crusted pork with mashed potato, asparagus and green beans. With Diane sauce. It was utterly amazing.