Your Simply Add Recipes

Put the rice on to boil whist making up the Coronation sauce with cream.

Add the prawns to the hot sauce and keep on a simmer for a few mins.

Drain the rice and put into dish then add the prawns and sauce.

Really delicious.

Empty the contents of the sauce pot into the frying pan with a small amount of oil and heat till really hot, keep it moving to release the spices.

Add the chicken and fry off.

Added the coconut cream and mix together. We like peas in ours and can add from frozen.

Bring to the simmer for 5 mins and our over rice.

7 mins start to finish and that included washing up.


We roasted some veg and potatoes together in one tray .. well seasoned and lots of olive oil.. around 40mins at 180.

A pre prepared 5 bird roast in the oven at 180 for an hour. (a pheasant inside a grouse inside a ….. you get the idea)

Then the sauce, we chose the Port and Blackcurrant added to cream then heated till hot.

I have to say the depth of flavour of the sauce complimented the strong game flavours of the bird perfectly.

So simple, so fast but so delicious mushroom pasta with wild mushrooms.

Make your pasta, I like the tubes as they hold the sauce best.

Pan fry some wild mushrooms in butter .

Add the sauce contents to cream 300ml to one pot.

Mix together and serve …. simple but amazing.

Only takes as long at the pasta takes to cook !!!