Port and Blackcurrant

Port and Blackcurrant


A very luxurious and deep sauce, packed full of flavour, ideal for meaty dishes and those that enjoy Game Meats. My second favourite of all our products. Be aware this does not have a very strong port nor blackcurrant flavour and is more savoury than sweet but it is delicious.


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Delicious with Sausages, Pork or Game dishes.

  1. Caron (verified owner)

    Outstanding product so easy to make and the taste is the best I’ve tasted. 5 star ⭐️ flavours. Can’t wait to purchase more.

  2. Jill Bennett (verified owner)

    We bought this sauce because we had spent ages looking for something to compliment a Rack of Venison other than Sharwood’s Plum Sauce! My word, we were definitely not disappointed! The cooking instructions were spot on, and we had a sauce that not only complimented the venison but also went with the rest of the meal! A beautiful, creamy, rich sauce that added to the flavour of everything on the plate – Venison, gratin potatoes, root vegetables. Could have licked the sauce boat clean – but resisted the temptation!!!! Will be ordering more!!

  3. Louise Kenny (verified owner)

    This is the most delicious sauce I have ever tasted….Michelin 5*

  4. Elene Wood (verified owner)

    Absolutely yummy. I used the Port and blackcurrant as a base sauce for venison casserole. Perfect.

  5. Lisa Evans (verified owner)

    What an amazing sauce so full of flavour. I will use this with so many different dishes

  6. Sandra Smith (verified owner)

    This was the first time we have tried this flavour sauce. It was absolutely delicious had it with duck breast. Can certainly recommend it.

  7. Kathryn Heath (verified owner)

    My all time favourite, this sauce is amazing! So versatile, rich and it makes my mouth water just thinking about it, fabulous with steak, great with pasta, amazing with chicken or pork, I could eat it every day, can be made with cream or creme fraiche or even quark so versatile so so lovely ❤️

  8. Julia (verified owner)

    Makes the most delicious gravy to go with all meats. I’ve tried most of these fabulous sauces and they are all so delicious and very easy to use. Would very strongly recommend these. Ordering on line was very efficient. Thank you.

  9. mary (verified owner)

    Added to turkey gravy great !! All the sauces I have used are terrific

  10. Kelly (verified owner)

    These sauces are so easy! This one is a family favourite that we just pour onto pasta with chicken, peppers, onions and broccoli or green beans. Delicious quick and easy meal.

  11. Danielle (verified owner)

    Had this sauce with duck breast and it complemented it very well. A beautiful rich sauce which also goes well with venison

  12. Debbie (verified owner)

    Have this with chops but more with chicken on a Sunday , it’s stunning , we love it , since going to the good food show in 2018 we have ordered from the company a few times , great service , quick delivery , please try , you won’t regret it , I’ve passed company details to many friends who are ordering as well

  13. Caire

    Lovely rich sauce and went very well with venison. Little effort and big taste – Love it

  14. Wendy (verified owner)

    Delicious, so quick and easy to make, guests believe you’ve made loads of effort!

  15. Duncan (verified owner)

    Amazing. Easy to make and goes beautifully with duck breast. Fabulous flavour.

  16. Sarah Calvert (verified owner)

    This one is easily my favourite – sweet, savoury and creamy. It works well with all meats and you will want to lick the plate – Delish!

  17. anna bennett (verified owner)

    A superb rich deep flavour. I made it with reduced fat crème fraiche and added water to make it slightly more liquid. Next time I will use low fat crème fraiche. We had it with slow roasted duck legs and roasted plums. Delicious!.

  18. Paula Hardy (verified owner)

    Delicious rich flavour, its my favourite of them all. I mixed with 50% less fat Creme Fraiche and especially love this with pasta for a rich creamy flavour with a little less guilt (cannot beat it with cream though!) Perfect!

  19. Satisfied customer

    Delicious sauce. My all time favourite. Nice and boozy. Have it with most things. My favourite is with steak and chips…with extra sauce to soak into the chips…yummy

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