Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry


With all the flavours of Asia, our Thai Green Curry served over rice is a simple yet delicious meal. Add coconut cream or, for the low-fat option, low-fat coconut milk. Fry the contents in a pan, add your chicken, pork, etc., stir for a few minutes, then add your coconut cream.

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Delicious with chicken or fish and finally some rice. Add a few vegetables to complete the dish.

  1. angie (verified owner)

    Had this as a monkfish curry made up with coconut milk with mange tout, onions and Baby corn delicious – good depth of flavour and a nice hint of heat. so easy.

  2. Murray (verified owner)

    Absolutely smashing taste wise and so easy to use

  3. Gloria Cheng (verified owner)

    It has been difficult finding a replacement of our favourite Thai spot since the pandemic. I love Thai green curry and was thrilled to find this available here. The taste is absolutely wonderful and can’t wait to eat again soon!

  4. Judith Paxton (verified owner)

    It’s great with basa fish for a curry and great to make thai crab cakes, with crab,prawn and not much else! I use loads of these

  5. Helen Hoyle (verified owner)

    Fantastic flavoured Thai curry, lovely made with a small tin of coconut cream. Have tried a few of these sauces and would recommend to anyone!!

  6. Brian Cousal (verified owner)

    Makes a curry so simple to make. Flavour is excellent, and so is the value.

  7. Paul Moffat (verified owner)

    Makes a super easy curry with just a tin of coconut milk and some mangetout. Very impressed with the flavour that comes out of this little pot.

  8. Amber Cullen (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful. Soooo flavoursome! Recommended by a friend and happy with products, service, price and quality.

  9. Jacky (verified owner)

    I used this with sliced peppers and onion and a tin of coconut milk. Super tasty!

  10. Juliet Redford (verified owner)

    Made this sauce using coconut milk to have with salmon. Was absolutely delicious. Can’t wait to try the other sauces I bought. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  11. Victoria

    Lovely Thai green curry, one of the best I’ve ever tried. These sauces are definitely a store cupboard game changer.

  12. Clare (verified owner)

    Excellent authentic taste. Easy to use. Looking forward to my second pot!

  13. Hilary Parsons (verified owner)

    Had a load of cooked chicken left over and used the sauce (2 pots) with 1 tin of low fat coconut milk and a tin of coconut cream and my family all said it was one of the best Thai green curries they had had in a long time. Supremely easy too ( I did marinate the cooked chicken in the sauces for a couple of hours )

  14. Mel (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous, my all time favourite curry, really easy and well balanced flavours we used coconut cream fried some chicken served with some rice and coriander . Yum!

  15. Andy and Martin (verified owner)

    The flavour and heat from such a small jar is amazing. Use coconut cream not milk for a thicker more authentic sauce.

  16. Dave Pratt (verified owner)

    1st time using this sauce, very good, will be purchasing more

  17. Brian Cousal (verified owner)

    Made a straightforward Chicken Thai Green Curry. Brilliant. Easy to use and I have to say I haven’t found a better “ready sauce”. Top marks!!

  18. Andrew Butcher (verified owner)

    I made a beautiful Thai Green Curry with this with Monkfish….absolutely delicious and so easy to use.

  19. Kay (verified owner)

    I have used this with king prawns it was lovely I was very impressed and I ordered more i then used it with chicken and fine green beans it is very authentic used with coconut milk

  20. Jenny (verified owner)

    Tried this for the first time last week , used coconut cream and it was delicious.

  21. Sarah (verified owner)

    Great flavour very authentic 2nd time we have bought will definitely be back for more

  22. Lisa Simpson (verified owner)

    The Thai sauce is always my favourite. It goes in currys, on chicken and in my soups!

  23. Angela

    Just fired up some chicken and vegetables and sauce lovely mid week dinner

  24. Jack

    Simple to use nice hit of spice but not lethal … love it

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