Maple Syrup, Coffee and Honeyed Whiskey

Maple Syrup, Coffee and Honeyed Whiskey


A very festive sauce that’s a great alternative to Brandy Butter, great over Christmas pudding!
For the rest of the year, pour hot over cold ice cream, apple pie or a plain sponge.
It is stunning!!

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A nice and sweet sauce festive sauce to pour over Christmas Pudding with Ice cream that can be used all year around.

  1. Helen Richardson

    I have had a jar of this sitting in my cupboard for literally years and have just opened it. I have come straight onto website to order some more!

  2. Christine (verified owner)

    Takes Cart D’or vanilla ice cream to a whole another level absolutely delicious

  3. mary (verified owner)

    Wonderful over pancakes with very crisp bacon

  4. Paulina

    I do not make any sauce without the littlepot. We love the stuff it is so special.

  5. Michelle (verified owner)

    This goes great whipped into cream. Perfect little extra to any dessert

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