Peppercorn and Tennessee Whiskey

Peppercorn and Tennessee Whiskey


Best friends with steak and chips this delicious luxury sauce has a hint of the classic Tennessee whiskey and a real pepper kick at the end.

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Also delicious over a chicken breast or pork chop.

  1. Anonymous

    Fantastic taste although we always use half the cream stated to one pot of sauce to get a stronger taste

  2. Anonymous

    Flavoursome with steak – great.

  3. Anonymous

    We have only tried the meat SA sauces . . . this one is perfect with steak, very quick, easy and convenient and “leaner” when made with crème fresche and almost as tasty!

  4. Anonymous

    We have only tried the meat SA sauces . . . this one is perfect with steak, very quick, easy and convenient and “leaner” when made with crème fresche and almost as tasty!

  5. Anonymous

    Perfect for steak. You’ll be licking the plate when using this one.

  6. Winnie

    Lovely peppery taste, I love it smothered over Chicken and Steaks. A winner for all the family

  7. CliffW

    By far the best peppercorn sauce to add flavour to any steak.

  8. Anonymous

    We tried the product at a food fair and bought a mixed pack of sauces all of which were excellent. We have since purchased online a couple of times and found the service quick and easy. We used to make our own peppercorn sauce which had so many ingredients and took ages to make but these concentrates produce a better tasting result in 5 minutes.

  9. BECKS (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic sauce, best peppercorn sauce I have tasted outside of a restaurant. I make it with cream and pour it over steak, veg and homemade chips.

  10. Max (verified owner)

    Great with chicken pasta, we used soya cream to make the sauce.

  11. Jennymike (verified owner)

    So far all the sauces have been excellent easy to make and use

  12. Keith Wiggans (verified owner)

    We just love the stuff. Just received 12 pots at brilliant price.

  13. Wendy lochridge (verified owner)

    Beautiful tasty sauce, much easier than making your own one, just abs makes a steak it really does, I’ve just ordered a variety of different ones for my family to try out as well, highly recommend.

  14. Michelle (verified owner)

    Great product, amazing taste

  15. A Matthews (verified owner)

    We stumbled across this company at the Great Missenden Food Festival … oh my goodness, what a find! Can’t recommend them highly enough … really delicious and so easy. I’ve bought more to take as house gifts when we visit friends. Spread the word!!

  16. Kath furse (verified owner)

    We bought them at a local food fair and since then have bought online. They are delicious and so easy to prepare

  17. Anon (verified owner)

    The best peppercorn sauce by far !!

  18. Lisa (verified owner)

    This is the best peppercorn sauce I have tasted , the family think so too

  19. Claire Ford (verified owner)

    Love this sauce – and many other flavours – goes great with steak.
    Can’t say any more other than best I’ve tasted.

  20. Emily Gibson (verified owner)

    Amaaaaazing flavour, bought at food festival and hunted down on the web to fine more to re-stock!! Not one I wouldn’t recommend!!!

  21. Julie (verified owner)

    The peppercorn sauce with low fat creme freche and fillet steak was amazing,
    easy to mix as instructions . Even better than our favourite restaurant

  22. Stephen Marsden (verified owner)

    Really pleasing taste unlike anything you buy in the supermarkets

  23. Sarah Calvert (verified owner)

    I would challenge anyone to make a better peppercorn sauce than this in the same amount of time it takes me (1 minute 30 in the microwave) and I don’t even use the whole jar each time. Sooo good with steak and fries – it’s got just the right amount of kick

  24. Duncan. (verified owner)

    Fabulous sauce. By far the best easy to make sauce we have used. Excellent with steaks and, I am sure, other meats.

  25. BigMac (verified owner)

    Great tasting sauces. Bought lots from various shops before. This was first time we bought from website. Great service and price. Will buy again and “spread the word”.

  26. Carol (verified owner)

    Excellent with steak. We found we didn’t need to use as much sauce as stated on the pot as nice and strong, so went even further! Would recommend

  27. Monika Rieger-Ridd (verified owner)

    We tried the product at a food fair and have purchased a mixed pack of sauces ever since online, all of which were excellent. We used to make our own peppercorn sauce which had so many ingredients and took ages to make but these concentrates produce a better tasting result in a few minutes and using double cream makes them tasty and creamy.

  28. Elizabeth Longman (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning, both tasty and so easy to prepare, firm favourite

  29. Debra Drew

    everyone i’ve made this for loves it and it’s 1 of the best they’ve tasted. it’s a favourite with my friends and family and so easy to make

  30. R Russell (verified owner)

    We absolutely love the sasauces, I couldn’t choose my favourite but I think this one is definitely my husband’s favourite. Makes any meal seem restaurant standard!

  31. J. Powell (verified owner)

    Difficult to add to the praises already listed. Wish it came in larger pots. Absolutely delicious.

  32. Wendy (verified owner)

    So easy to use and absolutely delicious.

  33. Sam (verified owner)

    The most incredible peppercorn sauce. Beats anything I’ve ever had in a restaurant, just gorgeous. Cannot recommend enough!

  34. Sylvia (verified owner)

    Absolutely ace

  35. Dee (verified owner)

    Oh my!!! I love this sauce and ordered 3 pots on my last delivery. I’ve never eaten so much steak, and it’s all because I love this sauce.

  36. Julie Cowley (verified owner)

    Great flavour. Excellent quality.

  37. Allison Caldwell (verified owner)

    Best peppercorn sauce I have ever tasted. Bought numerous times

  38. Debbie Birkby (verified owner)

    fabulous spicy rich sauce, quite a punch for such a small pot, will be ordering this one again

  39. Marsh (verified owner)

    Great taste with steak

  40. Skye (verified owner)

    Perfect for our haggis supper ?

  41. Helen (verified owner)

    Superb flavour. Not too hot and no bits. We use with sour cream. It’s a must have in our kitchen along with the amazing mushroom sauce.

  42. Liz (verified owner)

    We CANNOT get enough of this sauce! Delicious. First tried it at a food fayre – never looked back

  43. Debbie Farrant (verified owner)

    A lovely taste the best we’ve had

  44. Janice (verified owner)

    Excellent sauce. Tested it out at Living North fair and have ordered it online on a regular basis.

  45. Sarah (verified owner)

    Amazing the best steak sauce bought at the Christmas fair and have reordered fantastic

  46. Geraint Watkins (verified owner)

    These sauces are delicious. First found at Hardwick Food Festival a few years ago. We now buy at every food festival and top up with online orders in between.

  47. Angie (verified owner)


  48. Emma (verified owner)

    Love this sauce, picked it up at Chatsworth show and reordered more and will continue to keep doing so! Really flavoursome and delicious

  49. Keith (verified owner)

    Great range of sauces. Like them all.

  50. LINDA NEWSOME (verified owner)

    great tasting sauce

  51. Jane (verified owner)

    Restaurant quality, absolutely fabulous with steak.

  52. Graham Spence (verified owner)

    In my opinion, the very BEST of the SA Sauces – cant beat it 🙂 SO delicious!!!

  53. julie Wagstaff (verified owner)

    These sauces are the best find ever , absolutely delicious I have passed on to my brother who loves different sauces with his steak just beautiful .

  54. Lynnette Smith (verified owner)

    Superb sauce. Highly recommend

  55. Margaret Edgington (verified owner)

    Love it. Love it. Love it. ❤️

  56. Christine roberts (verified owner)

    We have had 10 of all the different sauces. Absolutely delicious. We gave my son the peppercorn one and he said it was the best he had tasted.

  57. Pete (verified owner)


  58. TW (verified owner)

    This is the tastiest and easiest sauce I have ever had. Delicious. Always buy quite a few to keep me going. Originally bought some at a food market and have been buying them ever since online. Love all the sauces I have tried, but the peppercorn is my favourite. Highly recommended.

  59. Tuff Puff (verified owner)

    Delicious we had it yesterday with barbecued beef – we added some Jim Beam as we used a whole pot of cream.

  60. Cliff (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding. I have used this sauce for a long while, every time we have steak. It is every bit as good (if not better) than you will find in the best restaurants. My family think I’m a brilliant chef!

  61. Steve lucas (verified owner)

    Still the best I’ve tasted

  62. carl snelson (verified owner)

    It’s an Absolutely brilliant flavoured sauce, I’ve tasted many other versions by others makers & this beats them all. I’ve recently purchased 12 more of there other flavours. Only wish they would supply in larger jar sizes.

  63. Anon (verified owner)

    Very easy and quick, ideal with chicken or steak. Also great if you fry mushroom thinly sliced then add sauce and cream as directed

  64. Sarah Dovet (verified owner)

    Second purchase of this sauce. This is the best sauce I’ve ever had on steak

  65. Karen

    Lovely sauces. We have tried pepper sauce which was delicious, tonight we are trying the mardira and red onion with sausages

  66. Kay

    We love this sauce beautiful over steak

  67. Karen (verified owner)

    We love it! With steak, chicken or a pasta and always made with double cream. Nothing else you can buy compares.

  68. Steph (verified owner)

    Best sauce for steak ever..definitely worth the calories and super simple to make 😊

  69. Mary Rudd (verified owner)

    My daughter tried this at a food market recently. And we all tried it. I was absolutely amazed with the taste. Will definitely be buying again a very satisfied customer

  70. Allison (verified owner)

    Best steak sauce ever!!!! Soooo tasty!!

  71. Dave (verified owner)

    Simply wonderful.

  72. Christina ABBOTT (verified owner)

    Resteraunt standard at home. Would highly recommend and have done. Working my way through the range.

  73. Dave (verified owner)

    We are on our second order of savoury sauces can can recommend all of them,great taste and excellent value

  74. Janet (verified owner)

    Love this sauce. So easy and great flavour. Always like to have one in the cupboard for a quick tea.

  75. Debi

    Absolutely love this sauce, restaurant standard and not only great with steak but goes well with pork fillet. I make up it with alpro single for an amazing low calorie sauce and dairy free….tastes as good as any ‘au poive’

  76. Margaret

    Fantastic – love this sauce

  77. Simon kirk (verified owner)


  78. Zoey

    Our favourite sauce ever, always have some in the cupboard and stock up at every fair we can. Have also placed a few online orders, always well packaged and delivered fast. Get everyone we can to try it! Not to peppery and lovely and creamy but doesn’t over power the steak. A perfect sauce!

  79. Kelly (verified owner)

    Easy to make and absolutely delicious!! Daughter will only eat this sauce and says it is even better than the steak. A big hit in our home and would definitely recommend

  80. Vicky Everitt

    As a follower of Slimming World, adding this to Quark makes it syn free and I don’t have to feel deprived. My son loves it too.

  81. Dave Cooper (verified owner)

    love the sauces use them alot we use many of the flavours thank you ror introducing them at one of your market days at glos Quays

  82. Jo (verified owner)

    Sweet with the whiskey and then a huge hit of peppercorns at the end. It’s fab!

  83. Carol (verified owner)

    I bought some of these sauces at Living North and then purchased some more online as they were delicious. The make a simple meal of sausages and pasta into something tasty and makes it appear like you’ve put a lot of effort into it when all you’ve done is open a jar!

  84. Susan Leslie

    love this sauce, just received our new order, ready to enjoy more delicious meals! thank you

  85. Carolyn Smith (verified owner)

    Very tasty sauces, bought at Living North and I will definitely ordering more! I highly recommend them.

  86. Sharon

    Just a bit to peppery gif our taste, but still good.


    They are one of the best and most versatile sauces ever< I love them and rant to everyone about them.

    Please can we have a salted caramel one please please x

  88. Angela Samuels

    First order and very quick delivery. Sauces that we have tried so far have been excellent. Will definitely buy more.

  89. Andrew Butcher (verified owner)

    I had this first over vegetables with a halibut steak and it was beautiful using the double cream but today had it just with stir fry vegetables to add flavour and it made a simple meal delicious. Extremely versatile and full of flavour.

  90. Sharon (verified owner)

    Came across this sauce at the living north festival in York, its the best and tastiest pepper sauce on the market, I’ve already ordered on line as well, and recommended to family and friends, the mushroom sauce is great too

  91. Graham Statham (verified owner)

    We like all the sauces we have bought
    We always buy when you do the Melton food show
    But since then we have ordered on line
    Keep up the quality and service

  92. Helen (verified owner)

    This is delicious. We had friends over for steak so mixed this with the wild mus(room sauce, it was a hit.

  93. Probey (verified owner)

    Had this with steak, lifted the food to a new level.
    Outstanding and simple to use.

  94. Michelle Daniel

    When you first see the pot you think it cant possibly deliver whats promised. However – it is extraordinary! Witchcraft!! Cant recommend enough

  95. Gill Hosen (verified owner)

    Beautiful, full of flavour. Will definitely buy again.

  96. Jules (verified owner)

    I made this with half the quantity of cream suggested as there were only two of us to feed (plus I wanted to cut down on some of the calories). It did make a thicker sauce and the pepper had more kick to it – but my goodness it was absolutely delicious! A very nice accompaniment to steak!

  97. Sarah (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible sauces. Such a good idea and so easy to use. I always get compliments when I use these! Peppercorn is a solid fave with steak

  98. Ann (verified owner)

    We have tried many brands & tried to replicate ourselves but this is the easiest and better than restaurants we have tried by far. Excellent!

  99. Christopher Bowman (verified owner)

    I like this so much, I have been buying for friends and family, to try out, All have commented that extremely good.
    You need to try it yourself, You will not be disappointed,

  100. Val (verified owner)

    So easy to use and delicious. A must try sauce.

  101. Sarah Carleton (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous. I use creme freche instead of cream. Just had this on some steak and it was gorgeous

  102. Samantha (verified owner)

    Gorgeous sauce. Couldn’t get enough of it. This one is definitely on my reorder list!

  103. sarah devereux (verified owner)

    Since finding this sauce there is no other I would put near my steak!! totally delicious!!

  104. Mr Christopher M Waite (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful, very tasty,we love them

  105. Lyn Gokdingay (verified owner)

    Bought some at a food fayre a few years ago loved all those we bought but lost the leaflet so couldn’t re order. Gutted!!
    Yay found the leaflet while having a sort out and promptly ordered. This is THE BERY BEST SAUCE FOR STEAK, better than most restaurants. We love it, have the Diane sauce and looking forward to trying it. Thank you so much, keep making them please.

  106. Mark (verified owner)

    Lovely depth of flavour. Depending on what you are serving it with and how you can adjust the amount of cream or reduce it slightly in the pan. Discovered these sauces at a food fayre a few years ago and have just received my latest order. Fast delivery, great value and as good as ever.

  107. Christine Armstrong

    Lovely sauce that’s so easy to make. I’ve tried quite a few of the flavours and they’re all excellent quality with great taste. Definitely recommend SA Sauces.

  108. KarenDarrell (verified owner)

    Love all your sauces but this is our favourite one. Your products have become one of our best finds from the food show xx

  109. Jess (verified owner)

    Me and my partner really love these sauces they are so great and easy to do we can’t get enough if them. Loved our first experience at wakefield rhubarb market and can’t wait to see them again. The sauces have really changed meal times for us…and our waistlines.

  110. Julie Stoneley (verified owner)

    I love it, it’s the best peppercorn sauce ever

  111. Ken (verified owner)

    Superb! This is the second time we’ve re-ordered this sauce. We find for just two of us half the bottle and cream is enough, but supplies still don’t last long!

  112. Paula Knight (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious. I love this sauce mixed with a few fried shallots & mushrooms and some double cream cooked & poured over a lovely piece of steak!

  113. Charlie (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious, took sirloin steak to another level.

  114. Pat Swift (verified owner)

    Trued this at the Good Foid Shiw and we were hooked. Only tried it with steaks and it makes them so special. We hadn’t any cream so used stock and cream cheese to keep the calories/fat levels diwn. It was wonderful. Have bought more.

  115. Ellen (verified owner)

    Made with cream makes the best peppercorn sauce! Been using these sauces for 2 years now after discovering at local food festival! Nothing compares! Even at steak restaurants myself and partner always say SA is better!

  116. Andy and Martin (verified owner)

    Been buying this sauce for a few years know and it’s a firm favourite in our house.

  117. Graham Flatt (verified owner)

    Not just this sauce but all are very good. Wife normally buys at Good Food show but had to order. Very prompt delivery

  118. Karen (verified owner)

    Have only used it as a rub before grilling but turns a plain steak into an amazing steak. Have purchased this flavour, as well as others, several times and will continue to do so.

  119. Steffanie Procter (verified owner)

    Just love this sauce .
    Goes so well with a nice steak

  120. Jojo (verified owner)

    I gave this as a gift to my pa – he couldn’t praise it enough! Certainly got a new repeat customer

  121. Karron

    Excellent sauce we have this every time with steak

  122. Mel (verified owner)

    Beautiful, fabulous with steak and not too powerful like some peppercorn sauces!
    Will buy again !

  123. Nancy (verified owner)

    Delicious sauce and beats any other peppercorn sauce available to buy in shops by far. Very easy to make and delicious with steak – this makes the meal restaurant quality!

  124. Judith Candler (verified owner)

    Ive used these products before and they are excellent. Great To have in the store cupboard. This time this one was a life saver after I’d slightly scorched some venison casserole.

  125. Sarah (verified owner)

    I always say a good sauce can be the making of a meal, these sauces are great and make a real difference . I love many of the products in the range.

  126. Dawn Bowes (verified owner)

    Had this one a couple of times now. Real depth of flavour as with all of the sauces.

  127. Kim Bristow (verified owner)

    Fantastic , we bought it first last year at Cosford food festival , that’s why I have ordered again

  128. Jill Fenholm (verified owner)

    Love this sauce with chicken or steak. As a coeliac these sauces are amazing. Iv been buying them for years. Delish!

  129. Graham (verified owner)

    Excellent with steak, add the right amount of cream to get the strength right
    Highly recommended

  130. Nichola Lynch

    Amazing and delicious best I’ve tasted

  131. K (verified owner)

    This is the best sauce I have ever had and I have been to some of the most rated restaurants in the world.

    I 1st tried these sauces at the bbc food show not long after they started up and I have been using them ever since.

  132. Sue (verified owner)

    Brilliant love this with a rare steak 🥩!!!

  133. Joy Cregg (verified owner)

    You’ll never find another peppercorn sauce as good as this one. Our favourite.

  134. Paul Smith

    Brilliant product had it today on steak will definitely be getting more

  135. Paul Smith

    Brilliant product had it today with steak you will hard pushed to get better will definitely be purchasing more

  136. Ann-Marie Gothard (verified owner)

    Love this sauce. A definite favourite with steak and a kitchen cupboard staple.

  137. Paul (verified owner)

    Simply the best

  138. malcolm wilton (verified owner)

    Excellent product – couldn’t beat it for flavour

  139. Dawn Taylor (verified owner)

    This is the best peppercorn sauce ever.

  140. Mrs A. KYLE (verified owner)

    This sauce was the perfect accompliment to our steaks.

  141. Laura H (verified owner)

    This sauce is just completely AMAZING!! The most outstanding flavour and quality, beating Michelin star restaurants we’ve visited!!
    We met Russ and his team at the Birmingham Winter Food Show in 2016, tried his sauces and we’ve never looked back!! We buy them every year and also online, as our friends and family now love them too!!
    Outstanding product and superb customer service!!

  142. David (verified owner)

    Without doubt the BEST ever peppercorn sauce I’ve ever had! Not an exaggeration, this sauce was beautifully rich and creamy and packed full of flavour! This will be on my shopping list all the time

  143. Andrea Slater (verified owner)

    Was amazing rubbed in to BBQ steak as it was cooking

  144. Julie Raywood (verified owner)

    Perfect accompaniment to fillet steak from our local butchers

  145. Mitch gaynor (verified owner)

    All the sauces are fab . This is delicious with beef or pork steaks

  146. Jane Thomas (verified owner)

    Love it, a bit peppery, but so tasty.

  147. Hypercat (verified owner)

    Excellent product and very versatile. One of our favourites – delicious with beef or pork (and not bad on a caulflower steak either).

  148. Anon (verified owner)

    Best peppercorn sauce I’ve ever had with steak, I’ll definitely be ordering again.

  149. Keith Sims

    Very nice sauce nice flavour very peppery

  150. Steve Vaughan (verified owner)

    Absolutely superb Taste, Quality and price.

  151. Chris (verified owner)

    Brilliant. Easy to use and so flavoursome . Would def recommend.

  152. Julie Linley (verified owner)

    OMG fabulous

  153. Caroline (verified owner)

    Great as always! Best peppercorn sauce outside of a restaurant! although l use less cream than advised to get a more intense flavour but that’s just personal taste it’s delicious!

  154. Julia (verified owner)

    This is a fabulous sauce, so quick and easy to use. I purchased at a fair, and have since purchased lots more to try! Nice and peppery. look forward to trying the rest.

  155. Gary (verified owner)

    Really good product and a great price

  156. Rachel Ind (verified owner)

    Great flavour

  157. Verna (verified owner)

    Have used this sauce many times. It is my go to when I need to add flavour to other foods. I have bought several other sauces as gifts.

  158. Verna Gordon (verified owner)

    All the sauces are amazing and I love the sweet sauces as well. Clever idea to boost your dinners, quick and easy.

  159. Emma Maclean (verified owner)

    Perfect with steak. This was the first SA Sauce I tried and was so good that it inspired us to try the others.

  160. Anon (verified owner)

    We love these sauces! This one is great with steak and a pilau style vegetable rice.

  161. Rose Overton (verified owner)

    First tried these at a show amazing sauces love them all

  162. Amanda Kershaw (verified owner)

    This is our favourite of all the sauces, although we love them all. They’re an absolute treat delicious with a steak!

  163. Danielle Jones (verified owner)

    We have been buying SA Sauces for a couple of years now since trying them at Bishop Auckland food festival and the peppercorn sauce is absolutely amazing. Hands down the best peppercorn sauce to make at home – couldn’t recommend highly enough.

  164. Heather (verified owner)

    Amazing sauce, we love it, use half a pot at a time, it’s truely a great taste and great service from the staff. They are really helpful and friendly.

  165. Julie Heithus (verified owner)

    This sauce is my favourite of all of the SA sauce. I use red wine with it. I love the hit of peppercorn. Delicious with steak and venison.

  166. Christine (verified owner)

    First time we’ve tried SA sauces
    Wow absolutely lovely can’t recommend it highly enough we’ve got other flavours to try can’t wait

  167. Jackie (verified owner)

    Excellent my favourite one! Goes well with steak and chicken and very easy to use. Would definitely recommend.

  168. Michelle K (verified owner)

    Delicious, so easy to do too, definitely recommended 🙂

  169. Steve Payne (verified owner)

    This sauce is astonishingly good I’ve had it with steak and chicken quite beautiful

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