White Wine, Garlic, Chilli & Tomato

White Wine, Garlic, Chilli & Tomato


White wine garlic and chilli is a most versatile sauce, stunning over prawns, mussels or fish and equally at home over a bowl of pasta. This sauce has a delicious chilli kick but not such that it will knock you off your feet.

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Prawns, Salmon, Mussels, Scallops and Seafood pastas.

  1. Max (verified owner)

    Made this up with soya cream and poured over chicken and pasta.quite nice, but we would have preferred more of a tomato flavour, chilli heat was fine, but the tomato and garlic were rather lost.

  2. J. Powell

    Yet another fabulously tasty sauce. Highly recommend it.

  3. Tony (verified owner)

    I used this sauce on a Shellfish seafood mix and added to fresh pasta it was an excellent combination with just the right amount of chili kick for most people’s tastes 👍🏻

  4. Jackie (verified owner)

    Absolutely lovely, actually mixed with water and poured over pork chops to bake in the oven

  5. Sharon Edwards (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous sauce- with meatballs and pasta!

  6. Lis (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious with prawns, chorizo & tagliatelle

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